Considering the amount of time we spend at work, it makes sense to foster a workplace wellness program.

Not only is it proven (proof here) that such programs positively affect productivity of team members, they also help promote good health in all areas of your employees’ life. — That’s win-win.

Yoga at Work?!

At Find Your Yoga, we make it easy for the employer to start, track, and maintain a simple and effective wellness program for your team. Our 8-week, 8-class plain-clothes-yoga program can be set-up before work hours, over a lunch break, or after work. As the tagline implies, NO special room or workout clothing is required.

Our misssion…

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for your employees to regroup, clear their minds, and stretch their bodies to help combat mental fatigue and improve dexterity in a familiar, non-invasive environment. This often leads to improved satisfaction and retention in the workplace. — Again, win-win.

Top Employers Agree

Top employers agree that their wellness programs have improved their bottom line in many ways; lowered health care costs, increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, and raised employee morale. Big or small, all businesses can benefit. — Isn’t it time for your business to do the same?