Who We Are


Our Co-Founders

Eric Dyke

is a resident of Willow Grove, PA. An athlete throughout high school and a health conscious gym-goer in his later years, Eric often thinks about health and wellness and would love to see more people participate in greater self-care.

He started practicing yoga in 2012 with the intention to balance his weight lifting routine that left him stiff and inflexible and has continued ever since.

In June 2021, Eric completed his training in Comprehensive Yoga Therapy offered by the YogaLife Institute. He has completed over 1100 hours in various yoga trainings.

“Changing the world starts within each of us.  To positively impact our families, our businesses, our communities, and our world, we must work from the inside out. Changes we wish to see externally arise as reflections and resonations of our individual state of being. Yoga has been my way of consciously choosing and honing those uplifting states of being that serve me, the work I do, and the people in my life.”

Julien Dinerstein-Prud'homme

was born in Wakefield, a small town in Quebec, Canada and was raised in Willow Grove, a slightly larger town outside of Philadelphia, PA. First inspired by the book, "Real Men Do Yoga", he has practiced yoga regularly since high school to treat and prevent sports-related injuries.

Julien further deepened his yoga practice while living in Montreal, where he attended McGill and Concordia Universities studying liberal arts, French, and theatre. Montreal is also where he began his seated meditation practice after a collection of inspiration from a Zen center, a travelling musician, and an Indian businessman on holiday in Canada.

In November 2017 he received a Yoga Teacher Certification from the Vinyasa Yoga School in Rishikesh, India.

“I am motivated to deepen my knowledge and practice so that I can help others to find the sense of peace and calm within which regular yoga practice has helped me find."