Workplace Wellness

Creating Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness is not a fad or just a nice thing to have. Workplace wellness is an essential component of any healthy business. It is estimated that effective workplace wellness plans yield a 200-300% return on investment.

Many factors contribute to a healthy workplace. We can group them into physical, personal, and social categories. Look around at your workplace and take stock. Here some things to note:

  • Do the employees look healthy? Are they bright, upright, energetic? Or are they stressed, hunched over, anxious, in pain, absent from work?
  • How well do your teams work together? Is there interpersonal tension, poor communication, and disengagement? Or is there a desire and willingness to work together, to ask for support, and to resolve conflict?

Don't let stress burn you out! Practicing self-care at work can prevent fatigue and burn out.

The Stats

Creating wellness at work is a virtuous cycle. We are more productive when we feel better. Look at the following two set of statistics. (What's Good For People)

A 10% increase in well-being is associated with the following

  • +5% increase in job performance
  • +6% more "best work" days
  • -5% fewer unscheduled absences
  • -16% fewer visits to the ER
  • -20% decrease in hospital admissions
  • -24% lower presenteeism
  • -60% lower medical costs
  • -66% lower prescription costs.

Moreover, meta-analysis of more than 250 research studies, covering nearly 200 organizations, shows that a more engaged workforce has a huge impact on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • +22% profitability
  • +21% productivity
  • +10% customer ratings
  • -28% shrinkage
  • -37% absenteeism
  • -41% quality defects
  • -45% turnover
  • -48% safety incidents.

In spite of such statistics, we understand it can still be hard to justify spending time and money on a wellness program. That's why we have an introductory 8-week, 8-class program that offers a low-risk, low-cost way of testing out a new workplace wellness strategy.

Contact us today to discuss the specifics of your workplace, your goals, and how we can work together.