Basic one month beginners Pranayama protocol

Basic one month beginners Pranayama protocol

Basic one month beginners Pranayama protocol

If you only have five minutes a day to practice self-care, then the following exercise might be perfect for you.  

Last week, we discussed the incredible health benefits of pranayama aka Yogic Breathing aka YB.  

This week, I would like to introduce you to the actual practice of Yogic Breathing at the complete beginner level.   

With all training, maximum benefits are going to be achieved through consistent practice.  Better to practice for a few minutes every day than trying to do a more advanced training only occasionally. Yogic Breathing (YB) is no different. 

To start, it is recommended that you stick with one practice regimen for at least a month before you alter it or increase the difficulty level.  Why? This will give you a chance to notice the subtle yet cumulative effects of YB.     

Also, YB training can be tedious and concentration intensive.  You might feel bored and want to increase the challenge, but believe me, maintaining a regular breathing practice is a lot harder than it looks.  

The most important thing is to develop a practice of daily training.  The time per day is irrelevant.  The below practice will take less than five minutes.  

Additionally, sensations might arise which are unexpected or overwhelming.  That’s why, just as Sundar explains in the beginning of this  video from last week’s post, only practice to the limits of your comfort level. 

I hope you will enjoy the following Yogic Breathing protocol.  In one month’s time, I will follow up with an alteration to increase the difficulty for those of you who stick with the protocol for 30 days.  

Beginner’s One Month Yogic Breathing protocol

For those who might want a more technical understanding of the protocol:

Just like weight lifting, YB is practiced in sets and repetitions (reps).  In the below exercise, one set will consist of six reps, indicated by “(x6)” in the instructions.  Basically, this program consists of performing two sets of six reps of the exercise.  The exercise consists of breathing at a 1:1 ratio.    

Repeat the below program once a day for thirty days.  

To begin, set aside five minutes of time. 

Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor (if you are capable of sitting upright in a meditative posture). Close your eyes and breathe slowly and calmly through your nose. If your nose is blocked, let your mouth open slightly. 

When you are ready, begin set one: 

5 seconds inhale, five seconds exhale (x6)

Deep inhale, full exhale.  

Allow your breath to return to normal.  

when you are ready or after approximately 30 seconds, begin set two:

5 seconds inhale, 5 seconds exhale (x6) 

 Full inhale, hum exhale. 

Keeping your eyes closed, take a few moments to breathe gently and take stock of how you are feeling.  

Slowly open your eyes and transition back into your waking life.  

That’s it.  Try to fit this program into your day once a day for 30 days.  

I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the effects.  

Let me know if you have any questions.


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