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Yoga Therapy for Developing Emotional Intelligence in Mid-life Managers

Key Points

  • Business executives’ lives have become a never-ending race against time, technology, and targets. This race creates tension, which leads to dissatisfaction and frustration and eventually manifests itself as psychological and physiological stress with mental and emotional drain. This modern lifestyle intensifies the stress leading to “excessive tension” and consequent deterioration in “executive efficiency”.
  • Persons with high Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) may strike a balance between emotion and reason, are aware of their own feelings, show empathy and compassion for others, and have high self-esteem which may be instrumental in many situations in the workplace and can help achieve organizational effectiveness.
  • This program involved an intensive five day enrollment in “Self-Management of Excessive Tension” program which combines “stimulating” and “calming” practices and is based on an ancient yogic texts. Results showed a 72% increase in EQ.


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